Area of application: Specialities

Coatings for that certain extra

A coating can often be an invisible element which nevertheless influences texture, taste and appearance, e.g. potato wedges or sweet baked goods. Only a few manufacturers have such an attractive range of specialities.

Home-style /

3-in-1 coating system


"All-in-one" for making (spicy) chicken wings, drumsticks, chicken sticks or (spicy) chicken tenders.


  • A rippled surface with a neutral, piquant or very spicy flavor.
  • Very crunchy mouthfeel and bite.
  • Available as an all-in-one system or as three separate stages.
6 month BBD

Panko breadcrumbs

Our Japanese-style


Diverse vegetable varieties, cheese nuggets, poultry.


A typical "Japanese Style Crumb" – light and extremely crunchy.

12 monthe BBD

Plain and seasoned coating

Our refined one


Coating for chips, wedges and vegetable products.


  • Coating applied by spraying or dipping.
  • To increase the crispiness of product surfaces.
  • Gives your product a seasoned coating for a well-rounded flavour profile.
6 month BBD

Classic Bake SB016HE

Our sweet one


Stabilisation of fruit fillings and setting of nut or poppy seed fillings.


  • Good absorption properties ensure the binding of excess fruit juice and a firm filling.
  • The slight sweetness emphasises the product-specific flavour profile.
6 month BBDE number-free

Classic Bake MM007S

Our finest


For predusting your baking moulds and cake tins.


  • Very fine, white breadcrumbs without pieces of crust.
  • Makes it easier to remove baked goods from moulds and tins and is fine enough to be barely visible.
  • Absorbs excess fruit juice (e.g. plum cake) reducing the risk of a soggy base.
12 monthe BBDKosherHalal