Coating Systems

Individual components

The ULMER Coating System consists of various components which are applied in succession in order to achieve the best possible breading. All the steps are not always necessary. Whether all the components are used, or just single ones, depends on the individual application, i.e. on existing technology and the raw material used.


Highly diluted battermix used to wet difficult, very smooth surfaces, e.g. chicken breast with connective tissue or vegetables. Milkwash creates a base for the subsequent application of a predust. The battermix NP2916 can be used for instance as milkwash at a dilution ratio of 1 part powder to 7–8 parts water.


The predust is designed not only to bind the substrate with the coating to give maximum weight increase (pickup) but also as a flavour carrier.


Our battermixes are formulated to promote optimal adhesion of the topcoat, depending on the surface of the raw material and the system. A variety of compositions are used in order to meet differing requirements in terms of substrate and adhesion.


Global trends and the tastes of our international customer base are reflected in our wide range of topcoats. The topcoat is the dominant factor influencing appearance and taste of the final product.

Individual system

All predust and battermixes stand out for their ease of handling and can easily be adapted to meet the viscosity and moisture management requirements of the coating.

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Also in organic quality

Our predust BPRE440 and battermixes BN10414/BN005GF add functionality to your organic coating

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